Lexington Teen Bullied For Criminal Record As Juvenile

Empriss Campbell

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. - Jamie Buchen feels horrible that her child is being bullied for something that happened a long time ago.

"She came home from school telling me that the kids are pulling on the Internet just by putting in the name Taylor Buchen here charge what she was charged with and they're all making fun of her saying she cries rape," said Buchen.

Jamie's daughter Taylor was charged in May 2011 with filing a false report and placed on probation for a year after Jackson police say she made up a story about being kidnapped and raped.

Now, Jamie says he daughter is bullied on the internet and to her face.

"She lied she got in trouble for that. I'm not sticking up for her one bit about the lying. She was wrong. Meanwhile the man was wrong also he was 30-something my daughter was 15," said Buchen.

According to Jackson police they couldn't charge the older man because he believed she was over 18. Police say they have text messages and picture from the teen posing as an adult.

Buchen says when she types in her daughter's name into the local news and discussion forum website, a string of messages are visible that call her daughter obscene names.

"I just feel like she was done wrong and she's still having to pay for it for everybody slandering her name because of what is on the internet," said Buchen.

As of late Thursday, the name has been removed from the internet.


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