Lexington Walmart Not Selling Guns

Natalie Potts

HENDERSON COUNTY,- Tenn.- One Walmart in West Tennessee has decided it is out of the business of selling guns.

Residents said their Walmart in Lexington suddenly cleared its shelves this week of all guns. Customer Eunice Horn said she was denied buying ammunition and a rifle Tuesday and was not given a reason as to why.

"I asked, 'if they had any guns' and they said, 'no that they had pulled all of the guns off the shelf'," said Horn. "I said ' why' and they said, "I don't know and she wouldn't tell me why."

Customers said all guns sales were stopped without warning. Residents said it is the only location for miles, and that the change would bring hardships to many.

"It's the only Walmart around for a long ways considering we drive out of Decatur County and it's the closest one and by far the cheapest place to by ammunition or guns either on line here or at the store," said Megan Bridge.

Kory Lundberg who is a spokesman for the Walmart Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News, "The company withdrew their license from the ATF for the Lexington store to sell firearms, after an employee failed to follow Walmart's strict guidelines that were set in place. "

Lundberg would not release any more information about which guidelines were not followed but said that the employee involved no longer works with their company. Residents said the Lexington Walmart's decision to not sell firearms, could effect their business.

"I think they are going to lose a lot of customers in the sporting goods because of this," said customer Rhonda Barr. "I'll go to Gander Mountain and buy my guns."

Residents said they have now lost the one place where they felt it was safe to buy guns and ammunition, given that Walmart enforced age limits and background checks.

"I think it would be worse to take them off the shelf because then anybody is going to go and buy anything that they want to from anybody," said Bridge.

Lundberg said the ATF firearm license for the Walmart in Lexington is not expected to be re-instated anytime soon.


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