Children, 4 and 6, blamed for apartment fire

Dan Lampariello

PARIS, Tenn. -- Three West Tennessee families are homeless, after a fire scorches an apartment building.

The blaze left more than $60,000 worth of damage.

"I went to the bathroom to get a bucket of water and by the time I went back to the room the fire had spread," Amy Braza said who lived in the apartment. "So I got my kids out of the house, called 911 and got my animals out."

Paris Fire Chief Michael Williams said the fire was started by Braza's children fooling around with a lighter.

"It was found out that she had two boys, one 4 and one 6," said Williams. "Apparently they were playing with a lighter in a bedroom."

Holly Chumbley witnessed the fire and believes the children needed more supervision.

"I think it was unsupervised children is what it was and that's very dangerous," said Chumbley. "That's what's happening in the world nowadays."

Kylie Allen and her children also witnessed the fire. She didn't think a lighter could cause that much damage.

"It's pretty bad. I didn't think it was going to be that bad," Allen said. "But for all three apartments to be damaged over a lighter, it's crazy."

The woman who lives in the apartment has not been charged over the incident and no charges are expected.


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