Post Office Struck by Lightning

Ben Rainwater

DRESDEN, Tenn. - A loud crack of thunder and a flash of lightning during a Thursday afternoon storm shook up Dresden and hit the city's post office.

"When I got here, it looked like a bomb had went off," said postmaster Joseph McCroskey. "There were bricks laying all over the parking lot."

Lightning hit the post office's chimney, blowing a hole in the structure and sending a crack down one side. Even with pieces missing, the chimney is still standing, but workers are playing it safe.

"I've got it roped off," said McCroskey. "It's better safe than sorry because I don't know how sound the rest of the chimney is."

Post office officials said even though the damage was bad and it caused quite the scare for employees, they are happy nobody was around when the bricks came falling down.

"If one of those bricks would've hit somebody in the head, that would have been it because I'm sure they weren't falling down like feathers," said McCroskey. "It was probably like a shotgun effect of bricks."

Officials said after being inspected by the fire department, the building is safe and operations are back to normal.

"We did smell some smoke, but we think it was just the heat from the lightning," said McCroskey. "The fire department came over and checked everything out to make sure everything was OK."


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