Local Church Reaches Out to New Moms

Mallory Cooke

JACKSON, Tenn. - A local church organization is offering classes for new moms struggling with parenthood.

The 12-week program is free.

“They don’t come with instruction books,” said Reverend Trina Bell Morrison, Executive Director of Hannah’s Hope. “You’re sleep deprived very quickly.”

The program is called the Hope Chest.

“It’s very difficult sometimes to figure out what to do with this newborn when you bring them home,” said Rev. Morrison. “We’ll be talking about things like why is my baby still crying and I’m overwhelmed. I’m exhausted, sleep issues, feeding issues.”

Moms get points when they attend meetings. Parents can exchange those points for baby items. Local organizations donated a majority of the baby items, but the Hope Chest still needs more supplies.

“We just want to offer this so that the moms, new moms, can feel comfortable and confident in their parenting,” said Sheryl Monroe, a social worker for Hannah’s Hope.

The meetings take place Mondays at Lambuth Memorial United Methodist Church in Jackson.

“We’re serving women from all over West Tennessee,” said Rev. Morrison.

Organizers said babies are welcome. Parents do not have to worry about child care.

To sign up for the Hope Chest, call (731) 298-1584 and schedule an intake appointment.


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