Local Conservative Groups Worry Over IRS Attention

Joe Sullivan

JACKSON, Tenn.- The Tea Party and the group Tennesseans for Liberty are now speaking out about what is happening in Washington, D.C.

David Nance is the chairman of the 8th District Tea Party that includes 5,000 people from ten different Tea Parties here in West Tennessee.

"If I had said a week ago the IRS are a bunch of criminals I would have been written off as a kook. But now the IRS has come out and admitted we are a bunch of criminals," said Nance.

Adrian Eddleman is Chairman of Tennesseans for Liberty.

A group that he says was started before the Tea Party was formed.

"Frankly I was not surprised at all about the political attacks by the collection arm of our government," Eddleman said.

Eighth District Tea Party members were not the target of the IRS.
Other Tea Party groups were not so fortunate.

"One in particular that had a terrible time was the Chattanooga Tea Party with this. Our groups are so small we don't handle very much if any money at all," said Nance.

President Obama said Thursday, "The misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable."

He also added he did not know about IRS political targeting before reports became public .

Nance said, "Do I think he was unaware of it, no."


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