Local Family on Disabled Carnival Dream Cruise

Cyndi Lundeberg

JACKSON, Tenn. - The problems onboard the Carnival Legend are affecting its sailing speed. The Carnival Dream lost power and developed problems with toilets on Wednesday. No one was allowed to get off the vessel when it docked at St. Maarten.

One of the people stuck on a Carnival cruiseliner is West Tennessee resident Amber Nanney. Nanney said the Carnival Dream was supposed to be a family vacation to celebrate her birthday and spend time with her children while on spring break.

Nanney said she tried not to think about what happened on the Carnival Triumph.

"If something is gonna happen it doesn't matter if its a plane or a ship," she said.

She said the Carnival Dream made the designated stops at Nassau and St. Maarten, before they realized something was wrong with the ship.

"During a routine check of the back generators they experienced some malfunctions. So they told us they were gonna work on that and they would get back to us as soon as possible," she said.

Nanney said her family was without restrooms for hours. She said she wanted to be positive though and is just thankful her family did not have it as bad as other cruise liners.

"If it didn't happen to the triumph we probably would've set sailed but because it did they took extra precautions," she said thankfully.

Amber said her family's outlook on cruises have not changed. They said despite the problems the crew and other passengers were all kind helpful and very professional.

"This is our fourth cruise with carnival and we are looking forward to booking our next one," she said.

The Nanney's received close to a $2,500 dollar compensation for the inconvenience. The family was also upgraded to first class for the flight back to Florida. They are currently making the ten hour drive back to Jackson.


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