Local Hunters Affected By Government Shutdown

Erica Williams

HAYWOOD COUNTY, Tenn- Some West Tennessee hunters are reacting to the government shutdown after one of their main venues for hunting has been closed down.

The Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge is more than 11,000 acres of bottomland that stretches along the Hatchie River, in Haywood County. Outdoorsmen from around the country flock there to hunt; but like National Refugees across the U.S, it's now closed due to the shutdown.

West Tennessee hunters said the bickering in Washington is not only costing them their favorite pastime, but money as well.

"I was going there this weekend," Eugene Houston, a hunter, said. "Now there will be a change in plans."

Houston like many other hunters pay for their license so they can specifically visit places like the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge. He said many of them depend on the prey they catch for food during the winter.

"The Wildlife Refuge is really one of our main sources where we can go and relax and fish and hunt," Houston said.

But for now, this Wildlife Refuge is off limits, causing hunters to search for alternative venues.

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