Local Residents Getting Flu Shots

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. – Residents who have yet to get a flu vaccine are urged to do so now.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health, the state is in the midst of a wide-spread flu outbreak and it is taking a toll on local residents.

Officials at the Madison County Health Department said they have seen an increase of people coming to recieve their annual influenza shot.

Dr. Tony Emison said some people try to avoid getting the vaccination because they’re afraid of needles and some of the myths associated with vaccines.

"I encourage people don't let anything scare you off from the vaccine get out and get this shot because you don't want the flu. I can promise you know one wants the flu like the things that come from the flu like pneumonia," said Dr. Emison.

Dr. Emison said the warmer weather in the area may be a factor that is contributing to the increase in infections.

"Hot weather in the winter time helps spread the flu outbreak because the surfaces we expose the flu to, such as door knobs, our hands for hand shaking, it lives on surfaces longer in warm weather," said Dr. Emison.

Doctor Emison said the alternative to getting a flu shot is using the nasal spray instead.


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