Local Weight Loss Group Hoping for Success

Laura Bannon

JACKSON, Tenn. - Dr. Beth Patterson has worked in physical therapy and has seen patients of all shapes and sizes.

"My compassion is for people who are overweight. Working with people over the years and hearing them and their struggles it hit my heart," said Dr. Patterson.

Patients who were spending hundreds of dollars on fitness DVDs.

Tim Wilhelm has been trying to lose weight over the past eight years and says that from the DVDs he has tried, the success has never been there for him.

"What struck me is that everyone they showed on TV doing it looked like they didn't need to do it. They're all fit and say to put your leg over your head and remember to breathe." he explained. "I can't do that, it leads to frustration."

Wilhelm said his biggest frustration was because of his size. He felt that there was nothing out there that would help him.

Along with the DVDs, Dr. Patterson said she has found another common problem with them.

"I have found patients who have tried exercise programs out there, whether it's videos or have tried going to an exercise class and wound up with back pain or knee pains," she said.

Dr. Patterson is also someone who suffers from chronic pain, that is when she decided to create a workout designed specifically for those who are overweight. It is another fitness DVD, called "Obegone Fitness."

"My goal is to eventually get down to 200 pounds, but my first goal is to walk down stairs vertically and not do the sideways walk down the stairs that many overweight people do," said Wilhelm.

To Wilhelm and Dr. Patterson, it is not about the number you see on the scale, it is a lifestyle change. It is about getting more mobility and getting more movement and becoming active getting back into life."

The 90-day-challenge has begun. At the end of the 90 days the participants will be judged on weight loss, inches loss, and function gained.


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