Locals React to Gay Marriage Issue Before Supreme Court

Heather Mathis

JACKSON, Tenn.- Over the last 24 hours, users of social media sites have shown their stance on the issue of gay rights as it moves through the U.S. Supreme Court by uploading pictures.

The red square with an equal sign was posted by many who are activists for gay rights. West Tennessean and Chairman of the Madison County Tennessee Equality Project, Tommy Schlindwein, says he loved to see so much support.

"One day there will be a baby born and they won't even know what marriage inequality was," said Schlindwein.

While a simple act of uploading a photo means a lot to activists like Schlindwein, there are others who have a very different opinion on the issue of gay marriage.

Monsignor Thomas Kirk of St. Mary's Catholic Church said he hopes the Supreme Court makes, what he feels, is the right decision, "No court worthy of its authority should rule against marriage and family."

The Supreme Court is set to make a ruling on California's Proposition 8 and The Defense of Marriage Act later this summer.


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