Locals React to Hostess Shutdown

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn-The closing of the iconic food brand, Hostess, has people throughout the U.S. stocking up on their favorite snacks.

The company is shutting down after a union dispute that led to financial issues. More than 18,500 jobs have been lost at plants and shops across the country, including West Tennessee.

The Hostess outlet on North Highland in Jackson, was full of snack lovers who were stocking up on their favorite items.

"I'm just picking up some stuff and putting it in the freezer to have some good cakes and stuff to eat," said Raymond Terry, a Hostess cake lover.

The 82-year old company made its last shipment Friday. Twinkies, one of the company's most popular brands, are already being sold on Ebay for $60 a box.


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