Madison Co. Commission Passes Second Amendment Preservation Resolution

Empriss Campbell

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. - Madison County is one of the first counties in Tennessee to pass a resolution showing its support for Second Amendment rights.

"Send a message to the state and the federal government of where we stand as a county and as a body," said Madison County Commissioner Doug Stephenson.

Commissioner Adrian Eddleman co-authored the resolution and said he took an oath to defend the Constitution.

"This resolution basically declares that we recognize our oath to the constitution we believe in the right of the 2nd amendment that from God," said Eddleman.

However, not everyone is in support of the Second Amendment Preservation Resolution. Commissioner James Pearson placed one of the six votes against the resolution and says it has no place on local government.

"I believe any resolution that opposes or may oppose any decision made by the federal government as it relates to the Second Amendment, Constitution, Bill of Rights is unconstitutional in itself for that reason I voted against it," said Pearson.

Instead of going against the federal government, Pearson said local government should support their laws.

"I believe state and local government should line up with the decisions of the federal government rather than take opposing positions," said Pearson.

Commissioner Eddelman said the next step will be to send the letter to the state legislature with a request to pass their own preservation amendment.


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