James Goff


Madison Co. Man Drowns While Fishing

Heather Mathis

MADISON COUNTY Tenn.- Investigators ruled the drowning of a Jackson man accidental, after he fell out of a boat Monday, while he was fishing.

Eric Larson said James D. Goff, 66, frequently fished in his pond along Cooper Anderson Road.

"I had walked by the window at about 4:00 p.m., and had seen him out in the boat," said Larson. "I came back to the window maybe 10 minutes later and he boat was empty."

Investigators said that Goff's body was found in the pond within minutes.

"It was heartbreaking and heart wrenching for everyone there," said Lt. Felicia Stacy with the Madison County Sheriff's Department.

Larson said Goff knew his pond well, and fished there at least once a week.

"He was a good fisherman," Larson stressed. "He knew how to swim. There was no reason for the situation to be like it was."

Family told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Goff had been having blood pressure issues. Doctors believe he fainted from low blood pressure and fell into the water.

"I would suggest to anybody especially if you're fishing alone to wear a life vest," said Lt. Stacy.

Goff's funeral will be held on Thursday.


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