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Madison County Budget

Joe Sullivan

JACKSON, Tenn.-Madison County Commissioners called 18 department heads to a special meeting.

"I try not to make it to the principles office, but we do want to have some kind of justification of what they are asking for. We have run a tight ship and we will continue to do so," said budget chairman Doug Stephenson.

Sheriff David Woolfork is asking for a four percent pay raises for 200 of his deputies.

He told the commission a seven-year veteran with the sheriff's department earns a little more than $37,000 a year compared to a seven-year veteran of the Jackson Police Department earning a little more than $44,000 a year.

"I understand the county and the financial situation at this time but we presented our case to the body and I think at the end of the day they understand public safety and the need for certain things that we made a request for," said Sheriff Woolfork.

While the sheriff asked for a four percent pay raise for deputies, the commissioners asked for numbers with a three percent raise of two percent raise.

"What we have been trying to do is raise the deputies salaries and as the Sheriff said in there we do not wish to be a training ground for officers moving on. We train them and they move on to the police department," said Stephenson.

All of the department heads were asked the same question. Where can you reduce?

"We are determining wants from needs. A need Is a far different matter than a want," said Stephenson.


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