Madison County Wants Landfill Removed

Natalie Potts

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn.- There are new developments in the opening dispute over the Madison County landfill.

The Davidson County Chancery Court ruled in favor of citizens to continue their struggles against the Tennessee Solid Waste Control and the Class III Landfill located on the Betty Manley Road. Neighbors said they have been battling the site's operation for three years.

"There is noise all day long, you can hear the trucks coming in and the machinery working. You can see the equipment, the rocks, the waste and whatever debris they are bringing in there," said neighbor Ronald Nelson.

The site is sitting in the backyard of several homes. Neighbors said this ruling gives them hope to continue their legal effort to stop the enterprise from operating in their community.

"We are fighting a battle that we shouldn't have to fight, it should have never got this far," said Nelson. "We are getting our voice back that we did not have when this first came up. We are thankful that we do still have a voice."

Officials said the ruling allows residents to legally join the fight with the county commission to appeal the A-1 Landfill permit. Commissioners said they are appealing their permit because the location is too close to the residential neighborhood near the Denmark community.

Nelson said he fears the landfill could be hazardous to surrounding families within the community.

"We are on well water and we don't know how that's going to affect us if something from this landfill seeps into our water system," said Nelson.

Officials said the water has been tested and nothing was found.

Residents said this ruling is a small victory for those who want to see the landfill shut down.

"We live out here we gotta smell, hear the noise and see this eye sore so yeah, I think we should be in the fight and we are going to be in the fight," said neighbor Calvin Golden.

Officials said the final say on whether the landfill should be allowed to operate will likely have to be settled in court.


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