Antonio Reed


Man Accused of Passing Phoney Money at Gas Station

Joe Sullivan

Bells, TENN. - A Crockett County man is behind bars after police say he passed three phoney $100 bills.

According to police Antonio Reed, 28, paid for $10 worth of gas with a $100 bill at the Snappy Mart Convenience Store across from the Bells Police Station.

Thirty minutes later, this time wearing a different shirt, police say Reed returned to the store and once again paid for $10 worth of gas with a $100 bill.

"The bills check good. They used counterfeit detection pens and they check OK and the reason being these bills had been bleached $1 bills and the $100 was printed over the top of it," Bells Police Chief Roger Jenkins said.

According to police, Reed returned three days later to the same store and paid for $10 worth of gas with another fake $100 bill. A store employee called police and Reed was placed under arrest.

"Charges were filed and during the execution of a search warrant two more fake $100 bills were discovered at his residence," Jenkins said.

His bond was set at $25,000 and Reed remains at the Crockett County Jail.

Police are investigating whether Reed manufactured the bills.


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