Man Charged with Stealing ATV, Selling it, Then Stealing it Again

Natalie Potts

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn.- Deputies said they've stopped a crime ring involving just one man and one four wheeler, Monday.

Sheriff's Deputies said recovering one stolen four wheeler led investigators to solve several other crimes throughout the county.
Authorities arrested Billy Loyd Tucker, Friday after a trail of clues from one stolen four wheeler that was sold to several different people. Deputies said the ATV was stolen, resold, stolen and then resold again to several victims.

"I've never heard of it, I'm 16 years in this," said Capt. Tracey Grisham, Henderson County Sheriff's Dept. "I've never heard of anybody selling something stolen, re-stealing it and re-selling it."

Mary Sipes, who deputies said was the second victim in the ATV theft ring, said she never would have paid $1,000 dollars for the four wheeler if she had known that it was stolen in the first place.

"I saved every penny you can save, everything you can and I thought well that would be good for my great grand kids," said Sipes.

Investigators said her family didn't get to enjoy the ATV very long before Tucker allegedly re-stole the four wheeler out of Sipes front yard.

"It was going that way and before I could get up to this driveway up here it was out of sight," said Sipes.

Capt. Grisham told 7 Eyewitness News that he believes Tucker originally stole the ATV from a residence in Darden, Tn, then sold it to Sipes only to re-steal it back again and sell it to a third customer.
Grisham said it was Sipes' son, Michael who helped investigators connect all of the theft cases together. Grisham said Michael Sipes spotted the stolen ATV in the back of a pickup truck while driving through town, chased it down and then called police to the location. The driver told deputies he too had recently purchased the Four Wheeler from Tucker. Authorities recovered the stolen ATV and returned it to it's original owners who are still missing a boat and boat motor.

Sipes said she is happy that the four wheeler has been returned to it's rightful owners but frustrated to know she has paid a hefty price for a stolen item and nothing to show for it.

"This hurts us bad, I learned the hard way that you don't trust nobody," said Sipes. "When you think about it, you get mad about it and you want to go choke him."

Capt. Grisham said he believes there are many more theft victim's across West Tennessee who may have purchased stolen property.

"We have a boat, two motors and some lawn mowers missing," said Capt. Grisham.

Grisham said there are some ways to avoid purchasing stolen property, like making sure to get a bill of sale when buying anything no matter who is selling the items to you. He also said residents should make sure to check and see if the serial numbers on the items in question have been altered in any way. If you have any information about this case or feel that you might have purchased an item that was stolen call the Henderson County Sheriff's Department (731) 968-7777


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