Chris Rawls


Man Charged with Stealing almost $1 Million in Dies

Caitlyn Jones

A McKenzie man has been arrested for stealing nearly $1,000,000 worth of factory equipment and selling it at a local scrap yard.

Police reports show Chris Rawls allegedly took 22 dies from a storage warehouse then sold them as scrap metal at a local Recycling Company. The dies belonged to Profiles Inc. They are used like a large stamp to punch out custom shapes in pieces of steel.

Of the 22 dies taken, only three were salvageable from the scrap yard because the items had already been shipped out and processed.

Though Rawls only got a few thousand dollars for the scrap pieces, they're worth around a million dollars to the company that owns them.

The recycling company's manager Cody Nelson said their extensive records are the reason Rawls was caught.

"If you bring a certain type of metal we have it on a sheet and we have your name, fingerprint, driver's license number. So we have everything on file," said Nelson.

Rawls has been charged with theft over $60,000. The TBI is currently assisting in the investigation due to the high value of the stolen items.


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