David Lynn Jordan - Return for Court


Man Convicted in Deadly 2005 Shooting Requesting New Trial, Citing Ineffective Counsel

DOWNTOWN JACKSON -- The man convicted in the deadly 2005 shooting spree at the TDOT building in Jackson is in day three of his hearing requesting a whole new trial.

On Wednesday, medical professionals testified in the case of David Jordan.

A psychologist and neurologist took the stand with the new argument that alcohol and drugs affected Jordan's mental state the night he shot and killed his wife and two other men.

"He was having these depressive symptoms while he was using drugs, alcohol and other drugs that are known to produce depressive disorders," Dr. Peter Brown, a defense witness, said.

Dr. Brown was the last witness for the defense. The state will begin its arguments on Thursday morning. The death row inmate is asking his three first-degree murder convictions be set aside due to ineffective assistance of counsel.


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