Man Dies From Heat

Meghan Pinkley

PARIS, Tenn. - Our scorching summer heat is being blamed in the death of an elderly Henry County man. Deputies said the man was found dead in his yard after lying in the sun for four hours on Wednesday.

Joanie Lee admits that her husband usually goes by to check on her elderly mom and uncle who live together. "He was going to come by and he said no I'll wait for June to get home and then I'll go by and check on both of them," said Lee.

By the time anyone came home to check on Thomas Hymers, it was too late. "When mom came home that day when she got off work she found him where he had been unloading his groceries," added Lee.

Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew said by the time his deputies got there it was too late for medical assistance. Sheriff Belew added that the road that leads to the siblings' house is not very well traveled and that is probably why nobody saw him lying there outside for four hours.

"In yesterday's heat, it's tough on anybody, needless to say someone who's laying there with already sustained injuries from the fall," said Sheriff Belew, "his core body temperature was around 109 degrees when he was found." Investigators believe heat exhaustion is what eventually killed the 72-year-old.


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