Man Killed in Crash After Chase by Benton County Sheriff's

Cyndi Lundeberg

BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. - A high speed chase in Benton County ended in tragedy, Thursday morning along Highway 192. Benton County deputies said the chase began when Ronnie Hensley did not stop at two intersections.

Elton Day said the crash literally took place in his front yard.

"I got some clothes on went outside and saw a victim in my yard," he said.

Sheriff Tony King said speeds reached over 100 miles an hour when Ronnie Hensley lost control of his vehicle and it flipped and landed in a ditch.

According to the Benton County Sheriff's Department, Hensley's car slammed into a tree and he was ejected. Day said the crash was so loud it woke him up.

"The sheriff started to administer medical attention to him and I was holding a flashlight for him....we just kept talking to him talking to him," he recalled.

Sheriff King said actually it was his deputy who administered CPR and was 10 seconds behind the other in the chase because he did not want to push the chase to any higher speeds.

"You think about your safety as well as there's in a high speed chase it was probably just a few seconds away from ending," King said.

Witnesses to the crash said this area along 192 has a history with serious crashes and they worry about the safety of their families.

"It puts you kind of in fear for your kids to go out and play. The cops need to realize that there are other people in the community besides the people they're chasing they need to stop and realize that," said Christi Culp, who lives near the crash site.

Benton County records show Hensley was found guilty of theft and robbery in 2009. Sheriff King said the chase lasted about eight minutes. Blood tests are currently being conducted to determine if drugs or alcohol could have been a factor.


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