Man Missing in Benton County

Cyndi Lundeberg

BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Calm water on Sulpher Creek in Benton County is the last place 72-year-old Daniel Couger was seen.

"I was out on the water when I saw Dan, and he was headed down the water like he always does ," said neighbor Kevin Reece.

Reece said Couger's wife Virginia came to him for help after her husband did not return home.

I don't know if foul play was involved," said Reece. "I just hope he comes back safe and sound "

Benton County Sheriff Tony King said Couger went fishing around 3:30 p.m., Friday. More than 50 sheriff's deputies, Coast Guard, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency officers, and emergency personnel have been combing miles, and even states, for any sign of the missing man.

"You always worry until you know better," said Sheriff Tony King. "But we're hopeful we'll find him and he's OK."

The search turned up Couger's car, parked where he left it with his wallet and credit cards inside. His boat was found tied up on a beach in Trigg County, Kentucky. All of his fishing gear appeared to be undisturbed.

"There was nothing in the truck to alarm anyone," said King. "It was locked up the same way he does it every time he goes out fishing."

Sheriff King said minus the fact that Couger is missing, everything seems to be in order. Investigators are just trying to follow what little clues they can.


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