Man Robbed In Church Parking Lot

Empriss Campbell

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. - Members of Trinity United Methodist Church are surprised to learn that an armed robbery occurred took place on church property.

Louise Paschall lives close to the church and cannot believe something like that could happen so close to where she lives.

"We are very cautious around here. We keep an eye on our church as we past there and if we hear any unusual noises we go over and check," said Paschall.

According to a Paris Police report, a man was sitting in the parking lot after 8 p.m., Sunday when the four men, armed with handguns robbed him of more than $900.

Members of the congregation said it is not uncommon for people to be parked in their parking lot.

"We do at times have people meet up over on the parking lot and ride to places with other people and things, but still there usually good people who do that not the type of people that will have robbery in mind," said Paschall.

Paschall said she will be more careful when she is at the neighborhood church.

"We will be more cautious and lock our doors when we are in there and be more cautious when we go outside," said Paschall.


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