Man Says 2 x 4 Thrown at His Car

Emily Cassulo

JACKSON, Tenn. - A Hub City visitor has a warning for drivers, after he said someone damaged his windshield.

"All of a sudden I hear something go, 'bam!' And glass was everywhere."

Curtis Leach said he was shaken after someone threw a 2X4 at his windshield from the top of a crosswalk on Royal Street.

"If I hadn't had my glasses on, I probably would've had a wreck," Leach said. "If I wasn't in a stick, I probably would've hit the gas and hit the sidewalk."

Leach said he is in town from Wisconsin visiting family, and just got his car out of the shop after making a major repair.

A day later, he has to take it back in to get fixed.

"I'm dealing with a lot of pain, and then to see this happen, for this to happen, this really ripped me apart last night."

Leach said it is going to cost him at least $500 to fix the dented hood, and get a new windshield.

Jackson police said this case is an isolated incident, and they are not having problems with that crosswalk.

Still, Leach said he wants something done.

"What if they threw a brick? Or something else could've been thrown bigger over there, dropped off on top of the car."

Leach said he would like to see security cameras installed there, to keep this from happening to any other drivers.

"It could've been an older woman that couldn't control her car. It could've been an ambulance coming through there."

And while he is still in town, Leach is avoiding driving in that area at night, and said other drivers should too.

Jackson police said the school next door has security cameras, but they do not cover the crosswalk.

Officers said they are investigating.


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