Man Says He Was Discriminated Against Because of Military Uniform

Modupe Idowu

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. - A soldier in Brownsville claims he was discriminated against at a convenience store because he was wearing a U.S. Army Uniform.

"I was just disrespected pretty badly," said Veteran Tommy Williams.

He said he felt that way after walking into the Citgo store to get his usual pack of cigarettes and beer.

"I felt out of place," said Williams. "I paid for my stuff and he said take that (expletive) off. He was pointing at the army patch saying where he was from, they didn't like that. And then he shook his head then he did a "praise Allah," said Williams.

Tommy Williams lives in Brownsville with his wife and children and has served in Iraq for one year. He posted his experience with the cashier on Facebook and got an overwhelming response.

Williams said, "There's veterans all around the world sending me emails that it's happened to others, too, and they are glad I spoke up."

Veterans like Danny Johnson who spent 18 months in Iraq.

"I wore that uniform for many years proudly, and if I can't wear it here in the U.S. or any building I want to go, there's something wrong with that," said Veteran Danny Johnson.

Store owners refused to go on camera to speak to 7 Eyewitness News. They said they apologized to Williams, but they would not admit to his allegations. Williams said he thinks their apology to him is not enough.

"They deserve an apology too. It's not just me. It's every man and woman service members out there and their families, anybody in uniform," said Williams.

Williams said he believes the store owner's apology is out of fear for their lives. Williams said he will never go back to Brownsville Express. Patrons told 7 Eyewitness News they plan to follow suit by boycotting the store this weekend.

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