Man Wanted After Allegedly Trying to Trade Drugs for Pit Bulls

Emily Cassulo

MEDINA, Tenn. - Medina police are searching for a suspected drug dealer accused of trying to make a rather unusual trade.

They said the Jackson man tried to trade marijuana for puppies.

A Medina police officer got an unusual tip - a local pit bull breeder told him someone was asking to exchange two pounds of marijuana for two pit bull puppies.

"I told him to act as the citizen and go forward with it," Chief Chad Lowery said. Officers said they brought two pit bulls to trade for marijuana.

Investigators said they met with Jacori Bond, 19, at a local gas station, but he was not arrested at the time. Now they are looking for him.

When asked why marijuana as the form of currency? "Apparently he(Bond) had more marijuana than he had money, I don't know," Chief Lowery said.

Chief Lowery said two pounds of marijuana has a street value of $2,000 to $2,500, even though Bond only had about nine grams of it.

The Medina pit bull breeder was selling the puppies for $500 each.

Lowery said this case is still quite unusual, even though it is common to catch someone with marijuana.

"We deal with a lot of weird things, but that was pretty weird. I could just imagine them swapping marijuana for a dog," Lowery said.

Officers said buyers should be careful when buying pit bulls.

"The officer even told him once they made the exchange, you know, in the future, you need to check and make sure he wasn't buying dogs from a police officer with use of marijuana," said Chief Lowery.

Chief Lowery told 7 Eyewitness News Bond faces charges of simple possession of marijuana and the manufacturing and resale of the drug.

Anyone who may know where Bond is, call the Medina Police Department at (731) 783-1437.


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