Clayton Nelson


Son charged in father's beating, stabbing death

Dan Lampariello

JACKSON, Tenn.- Jackson police have charged a man in the beating and stabbing death of his 57-year-old father.

Clayton Nelson, 29, is charged in the murder of his father, Jeffrey Nelson, inside Jeffrey Nelson's duplex on Westwood Avenue.

Investigators say the 29-year-old stabbed and beat his father to death, possibly over electronics.

"We believe that he killed his father and then took the father's phone and laptop computer," Capt. Tyreece Miller with the Jackson Police Department said.

Even more surprising than this possible motive -- police said it was Clayton who called them asking for officers to check on his dad.

Jeffrey Nelson was found dead inside his midtown Jackson home Saturday morning.

"It's our belief that he had knowledge that something had happened," Capt. Miller said. "That's kind of how we started working the case from that point."

Investigators said Jeffery Nelson was dead for almost two days before his body was discovered.

Clayton Nelson now faces a charge of first degree murder in perpetration of theft.

Capt. Miller said Nelson's son became a person of interest after they spoke with him over the phone.

"He cooperated," said Capt. Miller. "We told him we needed to talk with him and he agreed."

This despite, according to police, Clayton fleeing the scene in his father's SUV.

According to Capt. Miller, Clayton was living next door to his father at the time of the murder.

"He didn't live with his father," Capt. Miller said. "He went to live next door, with the person that lived on the other side of the duplex."

On Wednesday, Clayton Nelson will be arraigned on an unrelated charge of felony theft.

He was accused of stealing a television from the man he lived with on the other side of his father's duplex.

Nelson is also accused of violating his state probation on counts of felony theft and passing bad checks.

Clayton Nelson is currently being held at the Madison County jail and is scheduled to be formally arraigned at 8 a.m. Wednesday.


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