March In Jackson Marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON. Tenn. - Dozens of Jackson residents marched down main street for a purpose. James Theus, who watched the march said this is a day to teach the next generation about a very important piece of our history.

"We want to be assured that our children will carry on the legacy not only on MLK Day, but all those great men and women that came before us," said James Theus.

Marchers walked down West Main Street chanting and singing, much like the peaceful civil rights marches that Dr. King led as he spearheaded change in the fight for equal rights in America.

"It's a very inspirational day for us as African Americans to keep pushing and to continue with our career and keep pushing with our lives," said Charles Lewis.

One resident said watching the marchers shows him the courage it takes for people to stand up for freedom.

"There are people who are willing to stand out get out there in front and march and say were glad were here were glad to have the opportunity to do this in America we have the freedom to get out and march," said Tony Poole.


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