Maury City Business Damaged in Monday Night's Storm

7 Eyewitness News Staff

MAURY CITY, Tenn- If you were like many West Tennesseans, you probably saw the lightening and heard the rumble of thunder during the storms that rolled through the area, late Monday night.

Strong summer thunderstorms left some damage in addition to some much needed rain.

In Maury City Tuesday morning, workers could see the damage to the Crockett County Gin Company.

Emergency officials said there was severe damage to several buildings and equipment. They said flying debris also shattered a number of windows.

"Just couldn't believe it. I mean, just looking around there's not much other damage until you see this building behind us and then it's just destroyed, completely destroyed and nothing else around is touched," said Barbara Edwards, office manager of the Crockett Gin Company.

Owners of the gin said it will take time to clean up the damage.


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