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Mayes Women Appear in Court

Natalie Potts

Two suspects in the case involving the murder and kidnapping of Hardeman County mother and her three children appeared in court today.

Teresa Mayes, wife of Adam Mayes, appeared before a judge along with Adam Mayes' mother, Mary Francis Mayes. It was their first public preliminary hearing. Defense attorneys said both Teresa and Mary Frances Mayes' mental evaluations were incomplete, pending a review of their medical records.

Two additional counts of aggravated kidnapping were filed against Mary Frances Mayes, in addition to her four counts of conspiracy to commit especially aggravated kidnapping. Though 7 Eyewitness News did not hear from either of the women directly in court, we did learn what they are thinking through their attorneys.

Teresa Mayes reacted to husband, Adam's suicide through her attorney, Shana Johnson.

"She really hasn't said much about it, she was more concerned about the two young ladies," said Johnson, Teresa Mayes' defense attorney.

A concern Mary Frances Mayes' attorney said she also shared those

"When she found out that her son was killed, or killed himself, her first reaction was, 'are the girls okay?'," said Terry Dycus, Mary Frances Mayes' defense attorney.

Police said Mary Frances Mayes confined Alexandria, 12, and Kyliyah,8, after the girls arrived with Adam Mayes in Union County, Mississippi.

"She's in shock right now obviously," said Dycus.

Attorneys said Mary Frances was shocked but relieved.

Now that Adam Mayes is dead, defense attorney Terry Dycus said, even being behind bars, his client Mary Francis Mayes said she feels safe for the first time in years.

"Most people are anxious about making their bail and getting out of jail but in her case she's actually relieved, if you can imagine," said Dycus. He said Mary Frances feels relieved to be finally free from abuse.

"It seems to be developing as a defense that she may have been the victim of domestic abuse herself , maybe a battered mother defense," said Dycus.

A defense Dycus said, reflects what Mary Frances Mayes is feeling.

"For the last 25 years, she's been scared of her son and even though the bunks here are steel and not very comfortable, she is resting comfortably as she says for the first time in 25 years."

As for Teresa Mayes, "She's okay," said Johnson.

Mary Frances Mayes' attorney also said, Mary's family members are beginning to come forward now that Adam is dead.

Both women are scheduled to return to court on June 19.


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