McKenzie Plant Announces Its Closing

Emily Cassulo

MCKENZIE, Tenn. -Heading into the holiday season, more than 20 West Tennesseans have learned they will soon be out of work because their pool plant is closing.

Jerry and Kim Parsley have both worked at Vyn-All Pool Products for eight years, and did not see the closure coming.

"It's sad, but the economy is not so great, so we understand," Kim said. There's no hard feelings or anything. They're just doing what they have to do to keep their business thriving."

The Parsleys are just two of 24 workers who will have to find new jobs when the plant's production of swimming pool liners and safety covers stops next Friday.

Workers said the shut down is because of the economy.

The company said it was forced to choose one plant to close, and unfortunately it is McKenzie's.

"It's never fair to anybody," Jerry Parsley said. "It's happened over and over here. Not many jobs anywhere in McKenzie."

The Parsleys said this is not the first time they have been laid off either.

"We worked at Murray [Outdoor Products] when it shut down back several years ago," he said.

But they are optimistic about the future, and will focus on the holidays, until they figure out what to do next.

"We'll be OK. Like my husband said, it's happened to us before, and we'll move on to something else. We'll be fine," Kim said.

Corporate officials told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they are offering severance packages to longer term employees.

They are also giving employees the opportunity to transfer to another plant, but said there will not be any positions open until the spring.


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