McNairy County, Bethel Springs Receive Storm Clean-up Grant

Ben Rainwater

BETHEL SPRINGS, Tenn. - Storms ripped through West Tennessee almost six month ago, leaving many in Bethel Springs with nearly nothing. A new relief grant is bringing new hope to those needing help with repairs.

"I'm just on my own," said Coleen Johnson of Bethel Springs. "I mean my son in law is real sick and he can't help me. So, there's just no one else to help."

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency has awarded McNairy County with a $175,000 rebuild and recovery grant, in hopes that it will help people get their lives back to normal.

"A lot of them have obviously made insurance claims, but there's a lot of them where insurance may not have covered the entire project," said McNairy County Mayor Ronnie Brooks.

For some whose homes were hit hardest by the storm damage, this grant comes as a major relief.

"It means a whole lot," said Johnson. "You know with getting my roof fixed and my windows fixed so I don't have to keep plastic over them."

In an area where many houses were damaged and destroyed, residents said the timing of the help could not have been better.

"A lot of them need it cause like I saw a lot of them didn't have anything," said David Gray of Bethel Springs. "They didn't have anywhere to go or anything after that storm came through. So it's going to a good cause."

The final details for the grant are still being finalized. Once it is done, residents can apply for help by visiting the McNairy County Emergency Management Office in Selmer.


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