Roger McPherson


McPherson Found Guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter

Empriss Campbell

The jury took about two hours to convict Roger McPherson of the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Members of the courtroom which included Bell's and McPherson's family and friends showed little emotion as the verdict was read.

The jury decided to skip lunch and get down to the business of deciding Roger McPherson's fate...

They ultimately convicted McPherson of voluntary manslaughter, which comes with a sentence of 3 to 6 years.

"It's not the outcome we were looking for, but the jury has spoken, and that's the great thing about our judicial system is the police can investigate, the defense attorneys can try and do their job and defend clients, but ultimately it's up to those 12 people," said Lt. Tyreece Miller.

McPherson was originally charged with much stronger count of first degree murder in the November 4, 2010 shooting death of Michael Bell outside of the Lane Express Mart.

"The video surveillance was very important. Without the video surveillance we potentially would not have made an arrest. That video surveillance is what identified Roger McPherson," said Lt. Miller.

Neither the McPherson nor Bell families chose to speak after the verdict was read.

McPherson is scheduled to be sentenced on June 29th.
He will receive credit for time served. He has been jailed since his arrest on November 5, 2010.


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