Jamie Decker Formally Charged for Alleged Scam

Ben Rainwater

MEDINA, Tenn. - Since arresting Medina mother Jamie Decker last week, nonstop phone calls have flooded the Medina Police Department.

"Victims have called from surrounding states, surrounding counties, surrounding cities," Medina Police Chief Lowery said. "There's been a lot of money raised for that family."

Decker is accused of lying about her son's cancer for years to get donations for her family, which police said total more than $10,000. She was arraigned in Gibson County court, Wednesday, but did not appear before the judge. Her attorney spoke on her behalf.

"So far, the case has been tried in the media and been tried on social media, and there are other facts that have not come out that need to be disclosed," Decker's attorney Brandon Newman said. "There are several things that have been stated that are incorrect, and we look forward to putting forth the proof as to those things."

For the community and the surrounding area, Chief Lowery said the pain is real and it runs deep, knowing that Jamie Decker allegedly deceived everyone for more than four years.

"It's affected the community a lot as far as giving and heartfelt people, prayers have gone out, and it's upset people," Chief Lowery said. "That's what's sad to me."

Chief Lowery said he fears problems with Jamie Decker may linger into the future and prevent help for a family that really needs it.

"I don't want somebody to think 'well I got burned last time, so I'm not going to do this anymore'" Chief Lowery said. "I hope people do get over this and move forward for the people that are out there that need some help."

Jamie Decker will be in court on November 13 for a preliminary hearing. If you believe you were a victim in this alleged scam, call the Medina Police Department at (731) 783-1437.


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