Medina Police: Traffic Cameras Still Effective

Emily Cassulo

It has been almost a year-and-a-half since the city of Medina installed two traffic cameras, and even since then, police said they have been effective, but they still have plenty of speeders.

Chief Chad Lowery told 7 Eyewitness News he was amazed at the number of speeders before the cameras, and now they average 1,000 citations a month.

17,000 cars come down the U.S. Highway 45 Bypass each day, and Chief Lowery said many of those drivers still are not afraid to speed, even when they see those two traffic cameras.

Medina installed the cameras in January of last year, because of too many speeders and accidents.

"About 1,000 a month, citations that are issued," Lowery said. "That varied from the beginning because it was new. About 2,000 a month. But now we're sticking at 900 or 1,000 a month."

And since, more than 19,000 tickets have been mailed out, which cost the driver $50.

Even though the city only gets some of the profit, it still pulled in more than $370,000, which goes to the city's general fund.

Chief Lowery said the cameras have been effective. They are keeping drivers safer, and have cut down on wrecks drastically.

"Not only there where the cameras are, but also at the red lights because they've slowed down, knowing the cameras are there, so we have fewer accidents at the red light."

At least for now, drivers do not have to worry about additional cameras in Medina.

"There has been some talk, but no, we have no plans to install another one. I think we're OK with what we have," Lowery said.

Chief Lowery believes more drivers speed during month with longer daylight hours , so he expects more tickets to be issued. He said about 70 percent of drivers who get a citation, pay for the ticket on the first notice.


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