Men Allegedly Caught in the Act During Break In

Natalie Potts

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn.- Henderson County sheriff's deputies said alleged burglars were caught in the act reportedly helping themselves to a big meal before passing out in the victim's bed.

Deputies were called to a home in Yuma after a family member spotted a suspicious man on the property. The witness told police the suspect in the drive way appeared intoxicated. Deputies said he did not leave when asked to by the witness who called for help. When deputies arrived to search and clear the home, they found another suspect asleep face down in the master bedroom with his pants pulled down around his ankles. Homeowners said the pair ransacked their kitchen for food before deputies arrived.

"He treated it like it was his house and we know he lives like a pig just by the way he treated our house," said resident Joseph Bolen. " I don't know what their plans were but the guy came in he made a sandwich, sat in our recliner and drank our bottle of wine and then he ended up in the bedroom where police officers found him butt naked."

The suspected thieves left a mess on the kitchen counter with food crumbs on the floor in different rooms.

"Apparently he got mad that we were out of Pop Tarts because he threw a box across the kitchen," said Bolen.

Deputies arrested the two suspects on the scene for aggravated burglary. Both are being held at the Henderson County Jail. Sheriff Brian Duke told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News the department is withholding the identity of the suspects in this case, because the duo could possibly be linked to several other burglary cases through out the county.

"Very possible that's why we are taking every precaution not to release to much info to see if this does tie into other cases," said Sheriff Brian Duke.

The Bolen Family said even though the suspected burglars left a huge mess, they are glad no one was hurt.

"Basically they just went in there and made themselves at home they went in there and made a sandwich, kicked backed and relaxed and got naked which is pretty crazy stuff," said Jacob Bolen. " I've never heard of anything like this happening around here before, this is a great neighborhood. I'm glad they caught them even though it was in my house I'm just glad they got caught."

If you have any information in this case call Henderson County Sheriff's Department at (731) 968-2407.


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