Jessica Azbill


Meth Test on Toddler Stuns Officials

Caitlyn Jones

Deputies said they are shocked to find how much meth was found in a toddler's system...and they said his mother is to blame.

After testing positive for meth, the Department of Children's Services took 21-year-old Jessica Azbill's 17-month-old away from her. When the baby was given a drug test, his toxicity levels were even higher than his mother's.

Investigators said this is the highest level they have ever seen out of hundreds of cases. It is unclear exactly how the toddler was exposed, but experts said it had to have been very direct.

"Toddlers put everything in their mouths. They put their hands in their mouths, they crawl on the floor. Put their mouths on furniture, toys. They typically get the residue in their mouths that way. They can also get it from concentrated inhalation exposure and unfortunately they sometimes get it just by picking it up," said child abuse pediatrician Linda Piercey.

Azbill remained in custody at the Henderson County Sheriff's Department. She was charged with felony child abuse and neglect. Investigators said charges are pending on a male subject they are looking for as well.


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