Metro Government Being Explored for Brownsville and Haywood County

Erica Williams

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn- Haywood County is one step closer to having a metro government. It is a complicated process; but if passed, it means one thing: all of Haywood County would run under one legislative body.

It is the second time Haywood County has attempted to become a metro government; but this time, it just might happen.

"We tried in 1993," said County Mayor Franklin Smith. "And citizens came back last year and asked me to revisit it."

After a long process and much more to come, Mayor Smith said the metro government study committee had its last meeting and voted 16 to 10 for a charter commission to be formed. The next step is for both the county and city officials to vote if they want to proceed.

"If we go this route, it will be life changing for Haywood County," said Brownsville Mayor, Jo Matherne.

According to both mayors, over the years more than 20 counties in Tennessee have attempted a similar government but only three have been consolidated, including Nashville and Davidson County.

Mayor Smith said there is hope for Haywood County. "We're already doing a lot of thing jointly already, so this could work."

The county is scheduled to meet in May to decide if they would like to proceed, while the city will discuss the matter in June.


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