Middle Schoolers Get Military Experience at Camp

Laura Bannon

JACKSON, Tenn. - A group of middle schoolers are ending their summer break through an intense military style boot camp.

Matthew Dubose is a camper and explains the intensity of the camp was something he did not expect, "At first I was kind of scared because she (camp director) started to yell at us, I was like 'oh my gosh what's going on?' and then it got fun."

During these two weeks, students will work on strength training skills as well as their academic skills as a prep for school and the next step in their life, which for many is high school.

"It's extremely important that students today understand the choices they make as they go into high school are life changing either positive or negative," said Dr. Bruce Blanding, president of Jackson State Community College.

Blanding also said that using a military style approach is to not scare them but to get them to start thinking critically about the choices they make.

Judah Polk is another camper . "She (camp director) want us to communicate and be a team together and focus on what we are going to do once we get out of high school or middle school," he said.

The purpose of the camp is get these students to understand how to work with one another and learn how to solve problems.


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