Milan Alderwoman Standing Up Against Crime after Her Home is Burglarized

Emily Cassulo

MILAN, Tenn. - A Milan city alderwoman was the target of a home break-in earlier this year, where powerful guns and electronics were taken.

The gun are back in the hands of its owners, and now has the city leader ready to take action.

Milan alderwoman Tammy Wade said she is happy to have her husband's shotgun back, which was stolen more than a week ago.

"This is a weapon that you want to keep safe and keep out of the hands of the wrong people," Wade said.

But even though Wade's home was locked, Milan Police said three men still got inside through her bathroom window, taking two shotguns, a rifle, a laptop, tablet, and other items.

Police charged James Fields, Terry Beard, and Lavokeus Ivory with theft.

Both Ivory and Fields were also charged with aggravated burglary.

Still, Wade said jail time is not enough.

"I think they need to do things in the community where they are providing service to people that they're taking from," she said.

Police recovered everything but a laptop and Blackberry tablet, which had Wade's daughter's graduation pictures on them.

"The Blackberry we can always replace. The graduation day, the memories of that day, we cannot."

Wade said she hopes to start neighborhood watch programs in different neighborhoods in Milan, so residents can look out for each other.

"I want the citizens and the community to come together and let's brainstorm this and find solutions to the problem and find out what we can do."

She said it also helps to be aware of your surroundings.


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