Milan Police Officer Indicted by Grand Jury

Heather Mathis

GIBSON COUNTY Tenn.- The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested a suspended Milan Police officer Monday after the Gibson County grand jury returned a total of 24 indictments against him.

Adam Scott Martin, 39, was originally arrested in July, 2012 on one count of sexual battery by an authority figure. He was suspended from the Milan Police department with pay.

Martin is accused of fondling a 19-year-old woman. According to the TBI she is a family member.

"A police officer should set an example for others. They know the law. They know that if they commit the crime they have to do the time. If they can't do the time don't commit the crime." said resident Billy Morphis

Martin was indicted Monday on 18 counts of rape, one count of incest, one count of aggravated sexual battery, one count of sexual battery by an authority figure and three counts of sexual battery.

Martin was booked into the Gibson County Jail on $150,000 bond. His arraignment is scheduled for November 13th.


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