Milan School Gets Million Dollar Renovations

Deneisha Pearson

MILAN, Tenn -- This week, students in the Milan Special School District are on fall break, but there's no break for the maintenance department.

They're half way through hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations, and parts of Milan High School are getting a facelift.

Maintenance Director Kevin Bradford says the school hasn't been renovated since it was built back in the 70s.

"We did start a little bit of demolition last week while the children were still in school," Bradford said. "We took all the ceilings down so that was kind of neat for all the kids to walk through and look and see what was above."

It took nearly 40 years to get this project started because the school board wanted to save $1 million first; $700,000 will go toward a new roof.

School officials say today's renovations consisted of new paint, new baseboards and new ceilings.

With students on fall break renovations to the hallways, gym lobby and bathrooms are moving quickly.

All the bathrooms now have a fresh coat of paint.

Staff members say the school board will decide in January if they want to tackle repainting and replacing the ceilings and floors for the rest of the school.

Junior, Brighton Smith, says he's excited about the update.

"Some of the bathrooms at the school are not that nice, and new bathrooms are gonna be a big deal," Smith said. "The new gym lobby should be great, help all the players out and things like that at the basketball games."

Basketball player Justin Creasy says he can't wait to see what the new gym lobby will look like.

"I just think, for people coming into the games its gonna look a lot nicer and it'll just be great to have," Creasy said.

Bradford says they will work through fall break to finish this portion of the project. He says local contractors will start work on the roof in January.

Officials say they plan to have the roof done by the end of next summer.


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