Missing Dog Returns Home After 2 Months

Laura Bannon

JACKSON, Tenn. - Every Friday, dog owner, Michael Prichard would take his friend, Lucy, to doggy daycare. In September, she disappeared while on her play date.

"I was terrified. It was awful, I mean she was like part of my family. I haven't really been close to pets before. We are real close," Prichard explained.

Prichard says he did everything he could think of to help bring back Lucy. He said he put up posters and billboards all over Jackson and was close to giving up.

The owner of the doggy daycare says she has no idea how Lucy escaped or if she was stolen.

"I can't even describe it," Barbara Chiger, Daycare Owner said. It's the most devastating feeling that anybody in my position could feel and it was so much for me. All I could think of was Michael and Lucy, it was never anything but that,"

Exactly two months since Lucy's disappearance Prichard received a call. He says he was getting ready to go eat and saw the area code. After receiving so many phone calls since she left he says he had a feeling this call would be no different from every other call that "claimed" they had Lucy.

The couple that was calling said to him that they had his dog. Ariel Prince says that she wanted a Yorkie for Christmas and as an early present her fiance found the dog on Craigslist and bought her for $900.

Prince says she took the dog to the vet and was shocked to see a poster sitting right next to her that looked like the dog in her lap and immediately called.

Prichard says when he was reunited with Lucy it was a little weird and it took Lucy a couple of hours to relax. He says he's still in shock that she is back home.

"I've heard stories like this but I wasn't expecting it to happen to me."


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