Michael Lynch


Union City Police Search for Missing Wendy's Manager

Meghan Pinkley

Michael Lynch has not been heard from since Tuesday morning. He is the night manager at the Wendy's in Union City and when he disappeared, so did the restaurant's bank deposit.

Co-workers at Wendy's said when they left their boss late Monday night, he was doing paperwork.

Jessica Lynch said she was the last person to talk to her husband. "He was leaving work and on his way home. He never showed up. I haven't heard from him and I just want to know if he's okay."

The phone call was made Tuesday before 2 a.m. Lynch has not been seen or heard from since. "Everywhere that we could of though of we've looked. No ones seen him, no ones talked to him," said Jessica Lynch.

The 22-year-old is a manager at the Wendy's in Union City. The same Wendy's where investigators responded to a call Tuesday morning about missing money. Lynch was supposed to have deposited money from the restaurant after leaving work at a nearby bank drop box.

"There has been no deposit at the bank. It was a substantial amount of money," said Investigator Derrick O'Dell of the Union City Police Department.

Family and police said it was not like Lynch to leave and not contact anyone. Police are not sure of any foul play at this time, but Investigator O'Dell said Lynch who has worked at the restaurant since August, does have a criminal history including charges of theft.

"We need to try and locate him. We don't know if he is hurt. We don't know if he was involved, but with this being such an odd thing for him not to contact the family, even when he is in trouble, we need to look into it as a missing person," added O'Dell.

The Lynchs have three young children. "Everything has been going really good for us. Out of the blue this just happened," added Jessica Lynch.

Michael Lynch was last seen wearing a button up dress shirt with a white checker design and a Wendy's decal, navy pants, and work- style boots. He was last seen driving a primer gray, four-door, 1989 Pontiac 6000, Tennessee license plate number C9379W.

If you have any information to help investigators contact the Union City Police Department at (731) 885-1515 or Crime Stoppers at (731) 885-(TIPS).


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