Montgomery High Alum Work to Restore Building

Modupe Idowu

LEXINGTON, Tenn. - Nearly 200 people are expected in Lexington this weekend to celebrate and preserve apiece of history in their community.

Montgomery High School was an all black school in the 1930's but was shut down after desegregation. Now the Montgomery Alumni Association is doing everything in its power to preserve nearly 40 years of history.

"Every Friday all the children would come in to the school and chapel services," said Alum Gloria Clark.

Trophies from championships from 40 years ago are still in place. The historic school shut down in 1967 in the aftermath of desegregation.

"It is such a historic place, and I remember doing my school years here, the prestige, the prominence, the respect I was taught," said Montgomery High School Alumni Association Board Member Gloria Carver.

Board members say it has been a struggle to preserve the history of the all black school.

Carver said, "The vandals have come through all the boarded doors any where they can enter."

Graffiti murals believed to have gang affiliation once covered the outside walls of this historic African American school.

Gloria and Sheila both attended the school and want the vandals to stop.

"I feel the main part is community concern. I don't think enough people are concerned," said Clark.

Natural wear and tear and broken windows show it is obvious the school needs major repairs and money to fix it up to preserve a useful and living piece of history.

The Alumni Association has been able to raise enough money to remodel two class rooms to house a weekly Read for Success program which they believe is a step in the right direction.


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