More Reports of Poisoned Dogs in Trezevant

Heather Mathis

CARROLL COUNTY Tenn.- The Trezevant Police Department said three more dogs have possibly been poisoned with the deadly substance Temik, leaving one dead, and two in critical condition.

Officers found a stray dog dead, late Tuesday, and said two more pet owners reported their dogs sick.

"I don't understand. Why? Why would you want to hurt an innocent animal, not just my dog, but anyone's dog," said Emily Hall, owner of a four-month-old Golden Retriever, Lucy.

Hall said Lucy is on an I.V. at a vet in Huntingdon, and is praying she makes it home.

"That's just heartbreaking to know that if it does happen, she only go to live 4 months of her life," said Hall.

Officers told WBBJ 7Eyewitness News, three other dogs have been reported missing, and they could have died from the poison as well.

Pet owners in the city said enough dogs have died, and the person or persons responsible need to be caught.

"When are they going to get enough? When we took Lucy to the vet they said five more dogs had already been there," said Hall.

The Trezevant Police Department is working with the Department of Agriculture on the case. The reward for information in the case has doubled since Monday from $500, to $1,000 from donations to the city.


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