More Than a Dozen Arrested on Federal Drug Charges

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. - More than a dozen people were arrested on federal drug trafficking charges in West Tennessee, Thursday morning. In total, 17 people from five different counties including Madison, Gibson, and Shelby were arrested on charges of conspiracy to sell and manufacture crack cocaine.

U.S. Attorney Edward Stanton for the Western District of Tennessee was in Jackson, Thursday afternoon to announce the indictment. He said the suspects were arrested early Thursday in a drug roundup conducted by federal, state and local law enforcement agents.

Stanton said the suspects worked together to sell and make the drugs.

"The investigation is on-going. This has been a pretty wide-scale drug trafficking organization throughout West Tennessee and our work is not done," said Stanton.

Each suspect was charged with one count of conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and sell more than 280 grams of cocaine base and cocaine and one count of aiding and abetting the manufacture, possession and distribution of crack cocaine.

Each charge holds a minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison and a fine of $1 million.

Here is a list of the suspects:

Garrick D. Cole, 41, Jackson, TN
Brandon K. Yarborough, 30, Jackson, TN
Christopher D. Williamson, 35, Jackson, TN
Demond D. McKinnie, 36, Jackson, TN
Deon L. Ellison, 29, Jackson, TN
Herby K. Martin, 44, Oakfield, TN
Jarvis T. Emerson, 23, Humboldt, TN
Johnathan A. Patterson, 28, Humboldt, TN
Kenneth M. Price Jr., 30, Jackson, TN
Robert L. Cole, 37, Milan, TN
Scottie D. King, 36, Huntingdon, TN
Titus L. King, 36, Bells, TN
Torey O. Deberry, 32, Denmark, TN
Tracey L. Jones, 35, Jackson, TN
Travis M. Wilson, 27, Memphis, TN
J.W. Robinson, 48, Milan, TN
Willie T. Ramsey, 33, Murray, KY


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