James Theus


More than 10 surgeries later, James Theus returns home

Victoria Taylor

JACKSON, Tenn.-After more than 10 surgeries, weeks of recovery and a leg amputation, James Theus is home from the hospital.

In May, Theus was helping a friend with a stalled car. When another driver slammed into them, pinning him between the two vehicles. Theus said he remembers crawling to try and get more comfortable while waiting for the ambulance."I remember pretty much everything that happened and I probably will for the rest of my life because it was just so unexpected," he said.

Theus' right leg is filled with rods and covered in bandages. His left leg is gone from thigh down.

"I looked down and said 'man, that's an ugly sight," said Theus. He said he is still amazed by how the doctors were able to reconstruct his right leg. "It was unbelievable. You begin to wonder how can a person be trained to put the human body back together like this?"

An avid runner, Theus has not stood up since the accident. He uses a wheelchair to get around, but hopes, not for long." I could not move that leg for days,but now I can. I can feel it all the way down to my toes, you see my toes are wiggling," he said.

Theus said the best prescription for pain has been prayers from friends and family. "It was amazing that so many people, so many people came to my side, called me and informed me that they was praying for me," said Theus.

Theus said he would not change anything about the past few months, "I know that I have a purpose in life,. God is not through with me."


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