Mother-In-Law of Jamie Decker Speaks Out About Arrest

Heather Mathis

GIBSON CO. Tenn. -- Two family members of the Medina mother accused of lying about her son's health to get money are speaking out about the investigation.

Jamie Decker was arrested Tuesday by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for theft. Investigators accuse the mom of lying for years about her son's cancer to get donations for her family.

Decker's mother-in-law tells 7 Eyewitness News she believed her step grandson had cancer since he was 6 months old, and has even seen him at his house being treated.

"You know he's sick because he has a feeding tube, and a breathing machine," she explained. "Anything a sick kid would have he has."

Court documents show Decker told Doctor's she made up the whole story to get money.

"She should get an Emmy if that's the case," Decker's Mother-in-Law said. "All of us believed her, everybody."

The family tell us they even saw photo's of Decker and the 10-year-old in a Nashville hospital for what they thought was chemo treatments.

"That's what's such a shock to us! He does not have cancer but yet he's in the hospital getting chemo treatments," she questioned.

The TBI says Decker received at least $10,000 in donations from an online fundraising site. The family tells us they too donated money.

Decker posted $20,000 bond, and will have her first court appearance next week.


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